Satellite Communications

Airship’s satellite communications partners have been
carefully selected, giving the client the reassurance that
they will be able to keep in constant contact with business,
friends and family, wherever they may be.

What do you use?

Airship works with leading mobile satellite systems such as VSAT, Inmarsat, Iridium and Thuraya, favoured for the high performance, reliability and global coverage that they offer, as well as their flexible solutions for internet, telephone, fax and email.

For details and prices for our Priva packages and tailor-made VSAT packages including specific beams, please contact us directly to discuss.


In all but the smallest superyachts VSAT is the primary satellite internet solution. We strongly recommend that vessels have a backup satellite internet connection for the following benefits:  


  • Remote access to VSAT modem, antenna and other equipment so the NOC can remotely troubleshoot VSAT connectivity issues and restore connection.
  • Backup internet access for critical emails/weather information should there be a failure in primary VSAT equipment.
  • Satellite Internet Access when vessel is out of VSAT coverage area. 


Iridium Pilot keeps you and your crew connected.

  • Sending emails
  • Filing a navigation plan
  • Crew calling from one of three independent phone lines
  • Posting on Facebook and Twitter

Powered by a unique global constellation of 66 cross-linked Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, the Iridium network provides robust connections that are impervious to inclement weather and rough sea conditions, anywhere on the planet — including remote regions and arctic waters.


Inmarsat is the leader in global mobile satellite communications. Thousands of vessels rely on their unrivalled end-to-end service availability and coverage for operational communications and safety services.

They offer the broadest portfolio of mobile voice and data solutions on the market.

Global Xpress is their latest innovation

Inmarsat Global Xpress will be the first high-speed broadband network to span the world.

Satisfied Clients

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"Thanks for sending my International SIM card so quickly. I would
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