Latest Updates in Mobile Tech

Latest Updates In Mobile Tech

As crew, brokers, service providers and owners continue to choose mobile phones over laptops and computers for personal and professional needs and online search, demands on mobile service providers are higher than ever before.

In this blog post we outline some key tips and trends that we think you as crew, owners and captains would find interesting.

Tips for Saving Memory and Improving Apps on Android Phones

  • Be selective with apps and pictures.
  • Limit or deactivate as many as possible so you don’t waste device memory or impact your data bundle.
  • Just keep what you need or already use. Don’t download anything you don’t have an immediate need for. Games are notorious for hindering performance and wasting device memory space.
  • Clean files and apps periodically.
  • Malware is proving an increasing issue on mobile devices. Be cautious with what you download and scan regularly for malware and viruses.

Stay Safe

  • Always install app upgrades to keep safe from bugs.
  • Take caution with the permissions a certain app requests from your phone. Access to unnecessary privileges exposes you and your phone to hacking threats.
  • Find a great antivirus program to check your entire system.
  • Don’t activate Apps that threaten your privacy.

More information can be found via this article.

Wireless Charging For the Future

Many research studies and articles show that chargers are set to become a thing of the past with ideas that radio waves can be harnessed into battery-charging energy. This is music to the ears of those working away from constant power supplies or having to change global plug socket adapters on a frequent basis! Whilst this idea is still an early concept, watch this space for more developments on this exciting development…

No Link Between Mobile Phone Usage and Brain Cancer

We’ve probably all thought about it at some point but up until now, have had limited research to prove or disprove whether mobile phones have a negative impact on our brain.

A recent research study in Australia claims that even after a 29 years of increased mobile phone usage, there is no evidence to suggest that mobile phone usage has an impact on the risk of brain cancer. The study also claims that mobile phones emit non-ionising radiation that is not generally held to damage DNA.

Whether you are a captain of a yacht looking to change mobile communications provider to save money, joining a crew job abroad and need a SIM rental deal at short notice or want to chat about anything mobile phone or yacht communications related, contact us today!

* Thoughts included in this article are from expert research and not the opinion of Airship Communications Ltd.