Sky HD Technical Fault Update

SKY have reviewed the data returned via the test boxes they had out with clients and their engineers have identified tuner failings with their Sky + HD boxes.

Once the tuner failed, this resulted in the “technical fault” on screen message. This error only seems present when the decoder is left on a channel / had no channel changes for a prolonged period of time.

Without going in to too much technical detail, a data fix was issued to all Sky + HD DRX890 decoders in the early hours of Tuesday the 29th of September.
The affected clients need to check they are running the new software version R012.079.50.00P. (services, 0, 3).

This update was pushed automatically to all decoders, though due to the vast amount SKY have out with clients some may not have received the update yet.
For any decoders which do not have the above software version, please advise that they will need to complete a manual update:

  • To update software, press and hold “backup” on the decoder. Power off at mains and power back on with backup still held.
  • After 30 seconds all lights on the box will come on and an on screen message will confirm a software update is taking place.
  • Once completed the box will self-install and reboot ( please complete one box at a time so that you do not overload the antenna).

If clients had single feed mode enabled as an interim fix,  they can re-connect the 2nd feed and disable single feed mode.

The Sky + HD decoder should now function as normal.