Yacht Crew Mobile Communication Packages

Are you looking for mobile and broadband packages for your superyacht this season? Or perhaps yacht crew communication to ensure your staff can stay connected at all times?

Data roaming has been a necessary evil among travellers for many years.  The EU proposed to end roaming on the European continent by 2017 and their bill was approved this summer. Then T-Mobile made it free to roam in 120-plus countries. Following that, Apple launched a technology called Apple SIM poised to instantly connect travellers with local data networks the second they touched ground in an international country. However, Apple didn’t have any significant telecom partners available when the technology deployed, so the development flew largely under the radar.

Until recently when Apple and GigSky teamed up to offer travellers the ability to instantly connect to a local data network in more than 90 countries and territories upon touchdown—no need to visit a kiosk, talk to a service agent, or really, do anything at all. Instead, iPads with AppleSIM cards will automatically offer the option to sign up for a data plans as soon as a local network is in reach. (The GigSky network includes most of Western Europe, from France and Germany to the Netherlands; Australia; South Africa; parts of the Middle East; and beyond.)

Such developments have put pressure on other Global and Overseas SIM companies to offer unlimited roaming packages to hold their market position and satiate the heightened demands of their customers. This comes as great news to yacht crews and those travelling overseas offering some of the best connectivity options at the best prices they’ve ever been.

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